a travel blog for those who like to travel on a budget

About Me

Who am I?

Sophie Atkinson, 19, born and raised in Yorkshire, England.

Where am I?

I’ve lived in East Yorkshire all my life, until I moved away for uni. Alas, I didn’t move far, just another side of Yorkshire as I study Journalism at Leeds Beckett University.

What am I interested in?

I love writing and photography. Although I was more academic at school, I love being creative and I enjoy being active. Anything from competitive cheerleading, exercising to coding, and obviously travelling!

How do I travel?

As I’m a university student currently, I try and take short trips during term time (and cheap ones). But, during the summer months I plan to travel more (Bali and Greece so far on the agenda). I’m trying too see as much as possible on a student budget.

¬†I’ve got a year long bucket list, which I will update every year until I complete my travel goals, which you can view here.