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Hornsea – Yorkshire Seaside ☔

Hornsea – Yorkshire Seaside ☔

October isn’t usually the date most people choose to visit the seaside – especially not in the north of England! England is notorious for rainy weather, especially in the autumn/winter months, but that didn’t stop us!

Hornsea is a very small town in the East Riding of Yorkshire; just over a half an hour drive from Hull (read about the City of Culture 2017 here). In October, it’s a far cry from the busy heat wave days we experienced a few months ago. Buuuut… a young sister, a parent who works from home and the half term holidays isn’t a great mix. So, I decided to  head there for the day – sister and two friends in tow –  to fly a kite and eat some fish n chips on the beach! ?




With sunbathing definitely out of the question, we brought a kite from home and spent an hour or so flying that – until it broke.

Then, my sister and her friend thought it would be a great idea to run into the freezing cold sea. Can’t say I’d recommend that one.


Kite Hornsea


I decided against following them and instead thought I’d test out my new camera. ? Hence why there are lots of photos of my friend and not myself. But, there are a few other things to do here!


Hornsea Boardwalk


Along the boardwalk are a cluster of ice cream/fish and chip huts. Perfect for strolling along the beach with. There are a few fish and chip shops where you can sit inside though so don’t fret if it starts to rain! That’s what we decided to do as the weather wasn’t warm enough for us to eat outside. Also, there are two amusements set on the beach walkway – we definitely spent an hour or two in here trying to win something!

Although there isn’t a great deal of entertainment we still had an enjoyable time and was a different day out from the usual. I’m sure we’ll definitely be spending full days here when it’s warm.

It’s a great little beach to visit year round and in summer it isn’t quite as busy as the other main ones in Yorkshire so would recommend to visit Hornsea if you’re looking for somewhere a little quieter!

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