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Travel Bucket List – Oct 2017 ⇢ 365 Days

Travel Bucket List – Oct 2017 ⇢ 365 Days

I’ve recently seen a trend of doing year long bucket lists, different from those that seem to be never ending which seem more attainable for me. So… I’ve got until 27th October 2018 to attempt to check off as many of these places as I can!

⭐ Amsterdam: This one should be fairly simple as I can get the ferry there instead of having to go through the stress of airport travel. Also, it’s currently 2 for 1 on P&O ferries, Amsterdam for £40?! Yes plssss. Completed 16/02/18 – read my post here. 

⭐ Paris: I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Paris, or anywhere in France for that matter. Ever since I started learning French at age 7/8, it’s been a place I’ve desperately wanted to visit. Not quite sure why I haven’t yet. Hopefully this year I will!

⭐ London: So, I do live in England. However, I have somehow never visited the capital (doesn’t help that it’s four/five hours away) but I’m going to make sure I go this year.

⭐ Ibizaaaaaa: This one I’m pretty sure will be ticked off in the following months as my friends and I are 99% this will be the destination for our girls holiday for 2018. Having been to Kavos and Malia before, I think Ibiza is gonna be a complete step up but should be amazing!

⭐ Italy: Bit broad but anywhere in Italy will do me fine. Aside from the cities which look amazing, I love the look of Lake Garda or Como, or Sicily. I swear everytime I go to look up holidays here I find a new area I’m dying to go to. 

⭐ Bali: This Indonesian island has popped up more times than I can count on my Instagram within the past year or so, and it’s not difficult to see why. I would love to visit here, something very different from where I’ve been before. I’ve never been to Asia!

Although I’m hoping to mainly be saving next year for *hopefully* a post-uni gap year, I may be able to squeeze in a few of these places in the process.

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