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Malia Girls Holiday | Our Favourites, 2017

Malia Girls Holiday | Our Favourites, 2017

As you may have read before, my friends and I went to Kavos last year for our first girls holiday. Although we loved it (you can read all about it here), we wanted to change it up a bit and head somewhere different so this year we went to… MALIA!

We flew on the 28th July from Manchester Airport. Like last year, our destination of choice was in Greece – different islands though – which meant we were only a 4 hour flight away. We arrived – again ! – pretty late but headed straight for the hotel and were greeted with a shot of raki which is the national drink of Crete. It was v strong, tasted like liquorice, and definitely set the tone for the night. The offer for 5 shots, a fishbowl and 3 cocktails for 5 euros may have killed us off a little bit on the first night but sounded like an amazing idea at the time.

For us, we had actually gone at a good time because two other groups of friends from school had gone the same week as us! An impromptu photoshoot with everyone there may have occurred at one of the events…

Speaking of events, we much preferred these ones than the Kavos ones. All the events were great, not one let down! Here are our Malia favourites…

Malia beach party


? THE BEACH PARTY. We got on a coach from near our hotel to a secluded beach just before sunset. When we arrived the DJs were setting up but getting there at that time meant you could get your first lot of drinks before it properly started.


Beach Party in Malia


This was probably my favourite night of them all, it really did feel like we were at a festival on a beach. The atmosphere was insane.


Dancing at Malia beach


? GAMES NIGHT. I’m not sure what the actual name for this night was but it was at the same location as above. There were two or three hotels there and we were split into teams of two (according to your hotel mainly). Everyone then partook in several games, from dance/drinking battles to relay races. Obviously drinks were involved and the right hand rule definitely applied here! Anyone caught holding a drink in their right hand had to down them and another drink for a certain amount of seconds. The reps were amazing at presenting this night (we went with TUI) so if you’re also with this company I would definitely recommend!

? BEACH FESTIVAL. You’d presume this one would be on the same beach butttt nope – it wasn’t on a beach at all. It was in a grassy, much smaller area with a pool in the centre and beds surrounding it. This, again, was amazing and we had Craig David as the main act who did his TS5 act and did a few covers as well as his own classics (can’t go wrong with 7 Days).


Walking in Malia


? Our favourite on the strip was probably Candy Club and it had a few well-known DJ’s whilst we were there too! The only annoying thing about the strip here is how much you get pestered by people trying to get you into their bar/club. We ended up pretending we didn’t speak English (them GCSE French lessons came in handy ) and they eventually would leave us alone. Just gotta keep moving ?


Candy Club

After way too many drinks, questionable henna tattoos and many drunken nights, I definitely enjoyed Malia and am very excited to see what next year will bring!!


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