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A Week in Kavos | Girls Holiday + Kavos Favourites

A Week in Kavos | Girls Holiday + Kavos Favourites

Last August, 8 friends and I headed off on our jolly’s for a week in Kavos; on the Greek island of Corfu.


We arrived at Manchester airport, after having a drink or two in the minibus on the way, where we boarded the flight that took just over 3 hours. We landed and collected our luggage hassle free, from where we found our transport to Kavos which was about an hour or so away.

With it being our first girls party holiday, I was a bit apprehensive about the reputation of Kavos however once I arrived the worries soon vanished. To get to our hotel the coach had to go through the first bit of the strip which had teenagers cheering as we entered.

We arrived at the hotel (Olympian Village) at around half 2 in the morning so dropped our bags in our rooms and headed out for our first night on the strip!

The following day we spent our time sunbathing around the pool before going in to freshen up and get ready for the night ahead, which happened most days. From there, we would have a cocktail (or 5) at our hotel’s bar. The barmen Alex and Pedros were wonderful, especially Alex who was like an older brother to us during our week there.

Kavos Selfie

Our hotel was a mere 2 minutes walk from the strip but was actually quite quiet at night time so was great if you actually wanted to sleep. The staff there were very friendly and accommodating, with many feeling more like friends.

                                                                                            OUR FAVOURITES

We had a Thomson rep at our hotel, who was lovely, and we decided to book a few events through her. Although a lot of people warn against this as it can be quite expensive, we found that it worked best for us as it was very hassle-free and we felt it was good value for money.

In my opinion, the full moon party and the frat party were the best however I’d also recommend the paint party if you’ve never done that before.

Atlantis was the open air club that hosted the full moon party, paint party and many other fun nights with famous / well-loved DJ’s performing.

Madison Club Kavos

Madison’s was – I think as a group – our favourite club on the strip. It always seemed to be the busiest, played the best music and just had the best atmosphere overall.


We also loved the boat party. Unfortunately for me, I was quite hungover / sea sick whilst we were setting off and having my head over the toilet for a lot of the journey wasn’t ideal. I wasn’t able to get involved or drink because of being sick but it was probably a nice rest for my liver.

The boat stopped off at Thesprotia which was a beach where we sunbathed, grabbed some food from the BBQ and did some water sports. Then, it set off again and stopped for everyone to jump off into the sea. This was definitely my favourite day time activity.

As it was only a week, the days went by so quick and we were home before we knew it. For me, this was a great first girls holiday and one we’ll definitely remember.

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