Best Places to eat in Bali

Best Places to eat in Bali

After a few weeks of travelling throughout (and eating our way through) some of Bali’s most loved cities and villages, I thought I’d compile a list of my favourite places I ate at whilst exploring! 

Bali Sunset

Nalu Bowls / Shelter Cafe

Nalu Bowls is very popular on social media, and with good reason to be. The bright coloured, tropical flavoured and varied smoothie bowls are amazing, the perfect breakfast – or mid-day snack – to fuel hours of exploring.  

I opted for the dragon fruit bowl and a vegan smoothie. 

The upstairs has a tree-top feel, where we saw many people meet with old friends, work on creative projects, and have meetings. This cafe seemed like the best place to get the creative juices flowing, helped by the inspirational quotes painted on the walls, whilst also serving as a nice meet-up location. 

Nalu Bowls
Nalu Bowls Seminyak

Jl. Drupadi no. 12a. Shelter, Seminyak 80361, Indonesia


Bali Bowls

This place is similar to Nalu Bowls, in the sense that they both do the highly-sought after smoothie bowls; but these can also be found in many cafes around Bali. 

It was very small, with seating outside (in front of amazing wall art) or upstairs; another roof-top view. 

The staff here were lovely, whether you’re popping in for a coffee or having a sit-down meal, they are accommodating in all situations. 

The iced caramel mocha’s here are worth the visit if you’re in Canggu. 

Bali Bowls

JL. Segara Perancak Br, Canggu, Indonesia


Canggu quickly became my favourite area in Bali, however it’s worth noting just how vegan and health focused the cafes and restaurants are. 

Although I don’t eat meat myself, and eat mostly plant based, even I was craving something more than fruit and salads. This is where Nude comes in. 

The menu is definitely more healthy than otherwise, but they also pride themselves on having more indulgent things like these amazing unholy moly pancakes. They were easily the nicest pancakes I’ve ever had, they were like little fluffy clouds.

Canggu Bali

Pancakes in Canggu

Jl. Pantai Berawa, Canggu 80361, Indonesia

Tawe Beach Bar & Grill

If you’re wanting to do Bali on a budget, warungs are the place to go. These are often small family-owned businesses, which are much cheaper than other establishments. And this one was one of our favourites.

Located on the hillside of Seaweed beach in Nusa Lembongan, this small restaurant boats a wide variety of food; good quality seafood, authentic Indonesian style food and also western meals. 

The pizza here is amazing, maybe my favourite that I tried in the whole of Bali. However, it does get quite busy around dinner time, so make a reservation if you wish to visit in the evening. 

Also, another reason as to why we loved it here, they have a below-the-restaraunt seating area, complete with beanbags and fairy lights, a great place for evening drinks. 

Pizza in bali

Seaweed Farm, Lembongan Bali, The Road to the Yellow Bridge, 80771

Sandy Bay Beach Club

If you’re located near Seaweed beach on the island of Nusa L, you may be wishing for a beach you can actually sunbathe on; cue Sandy Bay.

There is Dream Beach nearby,  but this can be dangerous to reach due to the very steep steps so we decided – on a whim –  to check this place out instead.

…And we ended up returning everyday after. In terms of beach clubs (think: Finn’s, Mrs Sippy), this place is very small but it was never uncomftorably busy when we were there.

We would stay all day, dipping in and out of the pool, laying on the sun beds and also chilling on the small beach. There is a minimum charge for the sun beds but you can easily spend that when staying all day, especially if you stay to have dinner towards the end of the day (highly recommend).

There’s also a good view of Devil’s Tear and the waves are huge as they crash against the rocks, which is very relaxing to watch whilst you’re kicking back in the infinity style pool.

Sandy Bay Beach Club
Sandy bay nusa

Sandy Bay, 80791, Lembongan, Indonesia

Living Food Lab

Living food lab Canggu

If you’re vegan, especially a raw vegan, this is your place to go. 

They have very healthy plant based food options for all meals, including some great raw vegan desserts using veggies. The brownies looked so good. 

We sat downstairs which was relatively empty, however every 10 minutes or so we’d see people come down the stairs, laptop in hand, so it’s definitely a cool place to check out if you have to get some work done. 

After looking on TripAdvisor, I’ve learnt that the upstairs is a co-creation space, with great wifi and the ability to create private offices. 

Getting stuff ticked off your to-do list, whilst being health conscious? Yes please!

No. 8, Canggu Square Units 12-13, Jl. Pantai Berawa, Canggu

Classic Beach Bar CANGGU

This is such a fun place to drink / eat at.

First off,  the food is amazing. Our favourite overall. We, on the multiple times we came, decided to order the same thing because we loved it so much. The stir fried noodles with veg, the stir fried rice with veg and sides. 

We ordered more than enough food, and it totalled £2.50 / £3.00 each which is crazy. 

As well as the Indonesian food, they also do pizzas which looked very nice (but I was all pizza-d out at this point of the trip) and other western food. 

As for why it’s a fun place, the atmosphere was chilled, yet energetic. Everyone was friendly and the employees often took ping-pong breaks whilst waiting for the food to be ready. 

Also, if you want to be on the beach, they have beanbags laid out where you can spend the day sunbathing, or watch the many surfers who take on the waves. 

I love this place. I wish I was there right now. 

Classic Beach Bar Bali

Berawa Beach Front, Canggu 

The Naked Coconut 

This is another great spot on Canggu beach front (pretty sure it’s Berawa beach).

Another cheap place, but it does get busy around sunset so if you want to lounge on the bean bags with a Bintang waiting for the sky to turn orange, I’d get there well before sunset. 

Bintang Radler Bali

Berawa Beach Front, Canggu

La Laguna

I so wish we had a place like this where I live, however, in England I’m not sure the outdoor area (arguably the best part) would fair as well.

La Laguna Canggu

La Laguna has a very boho-vibe, ‘gypsy’ as they call it. The location is truly beautiful, romantic. The perfect spot to watch the sunset. 

You can also get a tarot card reading here, I really wanted to do this but it shuts at a certain time (maybe around 7pm?) so I had just missed out. 

La Laguna Canggu


They also often have free movie nights, which I can imagine are so much fun. 

Admittedly, the menu is quite limited so not the best for picky eaters (including myself), but the cocktail menu is extensive. The cocktails are all unique, using ingredients you don’t normally see in cocktails (example: the basil vodka I ordered first). 

Prepare to pay beach-club prices here, but I think it’s well worth it for the setting. Especially if you’re there during the free movie nights too. 

Bali cocktails
Bali cocktails

Jl. Pantai Kayu Putih. Berawa, Mengwi, Canggu, Indonesia

Kinky Tiki

Although this post is about the best places to eat in Bali, drinks are important too! So head to Kinky Tiki, near Seminyak beach, for after-dinner drinks. They have a vast choice of cocktails, bottles and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from. Major rooftop vibes as a DJ plays old school RnB, can’t get much better than that. 

seminyak bar

Jl. Camplung Tanduk no. 99. Miura Rooftop, Seminyak 80361, Indonesia

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