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A Birthday in York – Celebrating a 20th

A Birthday in York – Celebrating a 20th

Back in December, I wrote a post about celebrating a friends birthday in Manchester. This time, we headed to York!

Keen to try out new places (namely for nights out; clubbing, cool bars etc) my friend group and I decided we’d try and choose different cities to visit for each of our birthdays. As my friend Chelsey was turning 20, she decided she wanted us to come and visit her in her uni city for a night out.

Despite York being a city people tend to visit to see historical sites and gain knowledge in one of the many museums, it’s also known (where I like anyway) for being a good place to go day-drinking. 

So…birthday presents in hand and mini suitcases behind us, six of us clambered onto the train to York from Hull. The journey was about an hour and half and was filled with catching up and plenty of laughs along the way.


We arrived for two and after exchanging presents we began getting ready for our day/night out. There’s nothing better than being with your best friends, getting ready to explore a new city. 

Although we normally go out at 10 or 11pm, we wanted to make a day of it so headed out at three. Fatal error. How did we think we could manage drinking all afternoon and then go out clubbing after?! Slightly high estimations of ourselves, but hey-ho. 


Classic kitchen photo opps before the taxi arrived, them ones where one photo turns into a photoshoot.

Our first stop was Slug and Lettuce. We don’t have one of these in Hull but we went to the one in Manchester and loved it. Cheap, good cocktails and a great atmosphere. We ended up staying here for quite a few hours, just chatting, singing and drinkingggg.

FYI: a cosmopolitan is my go to, as well as a sex on the beach.

Revs york

Next up: Revs. Again, we don’t have one of these in Hull either. Don’t really have a whole lot here, not in regards to chains. My friend had a loyalty card with them, which if I remember correctly, got 20% off and certain cocktails 2 for 1. As we only had one, we ordered one by one and passed the card around, the guy must have known what we were doing but didn’t say anything. So, if you’re looking to save cash definitely get a loyalty card beforehand! 

We also got food here. And then, it all went downhill. We ended up going back home as we started too early and we’re in no fit state to carry on.


But, alas, that was not the end of the night. Sometimes you’ve just got to rest for an hour or two, but by 11 we were back out (well the half that didn’t fall asleep) and danced the night away in Jalou and Popworld. Jalou was my favourite, just pure RnB songs – arguably the best music in any club. Popworld, however, is not my thing so didn’t enjoy it as much.

So… although we had a two hour break – accompanied by copious amounts of sweets, chocolate and pringles –  we did go back out and didn’t get home till much later.

A semi-successful trip. I’d definitely be up for going back to York though, there seemed to be quite a few bars and clubs we didn’t go to!

Where is your favourite city to go clubbing/drinking in?

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