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A Guide To Hull – City of Culture 2017

A Guide To Hull – City of Culture 2017

Hull. My home town. Aside from the rich maritime history, most people mention The Deep when I mention I’m from Hull (especially at uni.)

Buttt, aside from the large aquarium, to many people’s surprise – there are many other things you can do in Hull.

Hull is in the North of England, in Yorkshire – so you’re guaranteed to meet lots of lovely people who are always up for a chat. It’s also closely linked to lots of bigger cities like Leeds and Manchester; you’ve got many places to explore once you’ve ticked the 2017 City of Culture off you’re list.

Of course there are the usual things to do – like museums and art galleries (all of which are free) – but there are many much more exciting things to do.

Hull Minster


✨ On one Thursday night a month Zebedee’s Yard and Princes Dock Street are home to the now infamous ‘Street Food Nights’. These are usually pretty packed, even when it’s raining, so make sure you get there early so you don’t have to queue for your food van of choice for a while. These are always very good nights, with entertainment for all. I’m already looking forward to the Christmas nights, mulled wine and a Yorkshire pudding wrap?! Yes pls! ?




✨ We’ve also got Freedom Festival (usually in September) and Street Sesh. Both great days and nights. Freedom Festival is a lot more relaxed than usual festivals and isn’t a camping situation, but instead it’s sprawled across a few areas in Hull. A few years ago there were stars like Little Mix, The Wanted and Peter Andre (Mysterious Girl is still a club classic) as well as a few more well known names. A year or three later, The 1975 graced the stage for a more intimate performance. At both, there are lots of pop-up food vans and bars with lots of entertainment.

✨ Hull New Theatre has recently undergone a major refurbishment so it’s always worthwhile checking out if there are any shows on (Hairspray Live is touring next year and stopping off here). City Hall usually has some good comedians (Rob Brydon, Sarah Millican and Joe Lycett) and other acts; I went to see singer Calum Scott there at the start of the year.


Hull The Mission


Wanting to spend your time here exploring the pubs and bars?! Well… you have several options. In terms of clubs, the ones worth going to are Welly, Piper, Atik, Fuel and Spiders. Spiders and Welly have got the cheapest drinks but just be prepared for the Welly hangover the next day (the vodka is lethal and doubles are only £2.50). All offer student nights if you’re after a cheap night out at one of the others too. Hull Uni has it’s own club which I’ve heard can be a good night out as well.

? In terms of pub/bar crawls, ‘Old Town’, Princes Avenue and Newland Avenue are the places to be.


Hull Bonny Boat


? Old Town has a lot of traditional pubs which still have a great atmosphere, but there are a few bars and chain pubs which are good to go in too. A Yates’ opened this year and there’s a ‘Spoons round the back. The club to end up in this area is Atik (previously named Sugar). The marina is very close by so you could even start there, there’s a cool gin bar and a few places to cure your hangover in the morning,

? Newland Avenue is home to Piper (a club ^^) but also has bars for you to pre-drink in beforehand. Tofts is always good and Roots is a Caribbean restaurant that turns into a bar later on; definitely get yourself a zombie from here. Princes Avenue is a street nearby so you could always start there then head to Newland – to end up in the club.

With Hull being the City of Culture for 2017, there are constant events happening so there should definitely be something to do at all times! If you are visiting – or if you’re coming here for uni – I hope you enjoy and love the city as much as I do.

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