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Travel Bucket List – Oct 2017 ⇢ 365 Days

Travel Bucket List – Oct 2017 ⇢ 365 Days

I’ve recently seen a trend of doing year long bucket lists, different from those that seem to be never ending! So… I’ve got until 27th October 2018 to attempt to check off these places.

⭐ Amsterdam: This one should be fairly simple as I can get the ferry there instead of having to go through the stress of airport travel. Also, it’s currently 2 for 1 on P&O ferries, Amsterdam for £40?! Yes plssss.

⭐ Paris: I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Paris, or anywhere in France for that matter. Ever since I started learning French at age 7/8, it’s been a place I’ve desperately wanted to visit. Not quite sure why I haven’t yet. Hopefully this year I will!

⭐ London: Soooo, I do live in England. However, I have somehow never visited the capital (doesn’t help that it’s four/five hours away) but I’m going to make sure I go this year.

⭐ Ibizaaaaaa: This one I’m pretty sure will be ticked off in the following months as my friends and I are 99% this will be the destination for our girls holiday for 2018. Having been to Kavos and Malia before, I think Ibiza is gonna be a complete step up but should be amazing!

⭐ Italy: Bit broad but anywhere in Italy will do me fine. I love the look of Lake Garda or Como, or Sicily. I swear everytime I go to look up holidays here I find a new area I’m dying to go to.

⭐ Croatia: Again, very broad but the islands just look so beautiful here.

⭐ New York: Who doesn’t want to go to New York?! My parents and little sister may be heading there in 2018 and if so, I may have to tag along. If not, I won’t be going till the year after when I’m 21 and can fully experience the American nightlife.

Although I’m hoping to mainly be saving next year for *hopefully* a post-uni gap ‘yah’, I may be able to squeeze in a few of these places in the process.

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