Veganuary 2018.

Veganuary 2018.

In a world obsessed with fad diets, from living off juices for days on end to surviving off chocolate, there seems to be one ‘diet’ that just isn’t vanishing – Veganism.

After doing lots of research, I’ve realised that veganism definitely isn’t a diet and more so a lifestyle, something which I’ve seen other diets claim to be however don’t resonate as strongly as veganism does to me.

I heard about veganism – like many others – from social media but being vegan has gained quite a bad rep over the past year or so, especially online. I guess, that’s expected for anything new or different. Also, veganism definitely isn’t a new concept but one that has gained a huge amount of popularity in such a short amount of time, helped via the spreading the information on social media (YouTube, Twitter, FB groups.)

To me, it appears as though many have simply jumped on the trend of shaming those who are vegans just for a few likes and retweets, without actually educating themselves. There seems to be no clear arguments as to why this lifestyle is a bad one hence why I’m now keen to try it.

For Christmas I received Lucy Watson’s ‘Feed Me Vegan‘ which is a great comprehensive cookbook and easy guide for well-loved recipes. I think this is going to be very helpful for this transition. I also like GracefitUK’s YouTube videos and her Twitter is usually full of vegan advice and help too!

Due to all of the benefits of veganism (better health, for the animals and environment) and with a growing interest that cannot be quelled without trying it myself, I’ve decided to do Veganuary.

This is where non-vegans can sign up to try and eat vegan for the month of January. Check the website out here. 

Currently, I do eat meat and dairy. I’m a very picky eater, something which I’ve struggled with since my early teens and I find it very difficult as it is to find things I like to eat (especially when I’m out for meals – Italian restaurants are my saviour !) However, after researching and expanding my knowledge on animal cruelty and the benefits veganism has for the environment, I thought I’d give it a go!

Breakfast and lunches will (or should be) fine, it’s just the dinner part which I’ll struggle with.  And snacks !! I already know cheese is going to be my downfall here and maybe chicken as I have that for essentially all meals because I don’t like much else.

Buuuuuut, I want to be more adventurous with my food choices after having felt stuck for many years only eating the same things over and over again (chicken nuggets/chicken breast/chicken anything). So I hope that this challenge will allow me to have a better attitude towards food and expand my eating ways.

Each week I’ll be posting a weekly update to (mainly) keep myself in check and to share with friends who are also thinking of making this transition. Also, I know that I probably will mess up, whether that be intentionally or simply thinking something was vegan when it wasn’t, it’s bound to happen but that’s ok. I think any step towards this direction is a positive one and if I find myself struggling and finding it too restrictive with my weird brain, I know that it’ll be fine to stop. I am very intrigued to see if I can do it though and hey maybe my cooking will improve also! It’d be good, at the age of 19, to be able to cook something more than pasta.

If anyone reading this is vegan I would love some tips, ideas for meals, food recommendations. Anything!



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